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This collaboration between the Internet Freedom Foundation and Smish Designs speaks to the irony of how the biggest reward in the digital age is ‘going viral,’ and yet, one feels empty after the rush of social media validation fades away.

At the heart of this design lies the mission of the Internet Freedom Foundation, an Indian digital liberties organisation that seeks to protect and advance constitutional rights for every Indian in a digital society. With a focus on critical issues such as surveillance, privacy, net neutrality, and digital autonomy, IFF is funded by the people of India and stands unwaveringly for your digital rights.

By proudly wearing this t-shirt, not only do you become a part of the movement to protect and uphold digital freedoms, but you also directly contribute to the cause since all the proceeds from this sale will be donated to IFF. 

Like what you see? If you’re interested in further supporting IFF we encourage you to head over to their website and join a community of over 4000 Indians who believe that collective action can secure and advance our constitutional freedoms in an increasingly digital world.

Product Classic T-Shirt
Quality 180GSM Bio-Washed Cotton
Fit Unisex Regular Fit
Created By Internet Freedom Foundation
Country of Origin India

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